Friday, August 21, 2015

porcupines from the wildlife camera

Now we're havin' FUN--the baby must have told his family, and they decided to see what was going on...he's on the right in both of these.  Got 27 pictures last night on the game camera, everyone of them with at least two porcupines in it, chowing down...

If you've never seen what a wildlife camera does, it operates with infrared light, which accounts for the "bug eyed monster" syndrome in these.  It also allows easier spotting of dark animals, you just look for the little white dot


  1. What's the little guy on the left? not a baby bear, has a tail, not a porc though, no? interested viewers need a guided tour.

  2. The little guy on the right is the baby in the former photos from yesterday. The grownups(on the left must have heard about the good news and it looks for all the world as if he found the pears and went home to tell the family.

    Grown porcupines weight anywhere from 12 to 35 pounds and that is a LOT of porcupine to say hello to in the dark. Id say these are either females or younger adults.
    They all have broad flat tails that they either drag behind them or carry raised, like these.

  3. Ah, see how little I know. I recognized Baby Porc and wondered what other animal would hang out happily with him!

    1. Porcupines are very social animals, they live in the woods in dens under the rocks or in trees, and I suspect if they weren't so damn prickly they would make a wonderful outdoor pet.
      They're gentle, a tad messy, but not at all predatory.
      Then again they dont have to be. They have very few natural enemies (man doesnt count) so they pretty much can go where they please.

      My little white cat albert seemed to have an understanding with them, sometimes Id see him outside on a rise of lawn, about three feet from a porcupine no bigger than he was, and both of them apparently to be quite content with the company...

  4. Albert did cute the way Dexter does, on a much smaller scale, however. =)