Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Baby Porcupine and Pear Branch--(still life with fruit)

We have an old pear tree in the yard, and due to this year's bumper crop of fruit one or two branches just peeled off the tree.  Last night this little guy, no bigger than a  softball,  showed up for his own private feast.   When they eat fruit, they spit out the icky skin, and rotate the piece of fruit in their paws the way we do corn on the cob.  And they eat all of it. Not just bits.  In the bottom picture he  has finally found the branch, and a pear nearly the size of his head.  Happy porcupine. 


  1. Awwwwww! Smart little guy. Any sign of other porcs?

  2. I love baby porkies, if they were less lethal to the touch I'd have a houseful.

    We have a wildlife camera that my husband set out last night, and there were at least a dozen shadowy pictures of adult porcupines, as many as three at a time, all gathered around that fallen branch.

    We've always had porcupines in the yard, which is a good reason why we don't have a dog these days. The tree this little one was under has a huge metal collar around the base to keep the larger critters from shredding it.

  3. We don't have porcupine here. If we go 150 miles
    NW I see some run over by the road' Colorado has them, but I have never seen one, but my sons dog found a couple.

  4. There are places, I was surprised to find, that actually don't have these things, especially in the midwest. Easy to forget that not everything that grows here doesnt grow everywhere =)