Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Dark of the Moon Blues (6WS)

Spring Tides

when the light goes out up there
for a day or two, 
I feel the tug of nothing
like trying to sing in a vacuum
and no sounds come out

no song satisfies 
unless it's in a minor key
with that heavy beat behind it
like a steady blow
between the shoulder blades

and I begin to slosh in and out
like the spring tide,
retreating further and further from shore
exposing rocks and broken shells
that won't be seen again
for another year


  1. This is brilliant - dark, but brilliant

  2. thanks, Viv. Im glad you like it.

  3. It may be blue but it's beautiful :)

  4. Love your poem, especially "the neap tide," a phrase I don't see too often.

    Six Words and Solstice Songs

  5. annnd possibly, MMT, because I didnt use it correctly there. (blushes). I go for drama, and I come up feeling silly. but it is a great word, isnt it. ANYway.

    and thanks, jo.

  6. We're only a little disappointed about the New Moon this week out here in Hatteras, but it's let us have a great view of Venus and Jupiter in the blackest sky possible. AAAAND we gets us The YAY for that!

  7. And the Solstice is what its about anyway. =)

  8. Such an incredible poem. It really touched my heart. We've all had those dark moments and you capture them so poignantly!
    I thought you might appreciate a poem I wrote recently about a nasty storm which hit the Australian East Coast back in April. We got a beating here but further North in the Hunter Valley a few people died and a few houses were swept away down the river. It was absolutely awful for the poor families watching their homes drift away like ships but it also looked quite comical.
    Take care & best wishes, Rowena

  9. Thanks, Rowena.
    I love what you did with the photos and the poem, they do meld nicely. Water has such a force, and yet we take it for granted until we see what it can actually do--I still have memories of watching those tidal wave videos from a few years back, with the water just flowing up and over and pushing entire brick and concrete structures out of the way...