Sunday, June 28, 2015

Oh, please

It is nearly the 4th of July, and it is 57 degrees out and rainy.  I have a spirited fire in the kitchen stove.   The plants, of course love it,  and the two inches of rain we're getting tells me we might just have a good summer,  just not when

addendum:  it is now 47 degrees, and I am seriously considering a fire in the dining room stove.  The cat has been out once, looked at me as if  I were insane, and came back in, wind whipped and soggy.   =)


  1. A full week of 87-92 humid degrees in the Outer Banks (Hatteras, specifically). When we left there Saturday morning appx 7:30 (following some overnight thunderstormishness) it was coming back up on 80 headed for more of the same.

    Now it's Sunday & we got the same as you. Still, though, it's heaven.

  2. Heaven had better start throwing some wood on the damn fire, is all I can say. It was 40 at bedtime, and its now 44 deg. supposed to warm up to 50. maybe we wont need our winter coats and hats for the fireworks on the 4th after all...

  3. start carrying wood.. fast

  4. lol thats funny. New Hampshire. We seem to be having either an early fall or a very late Spring. My money's on a late spring, which really isnt even a season in northern New England, mostly is a blip on the rader, between End of Winter and Beginning of Summer. By the time you're sure it's summer it's already mid June. This year has been exceptionally chilly, something to do with the Polar winds shifting (thats SHIFTING) and the jet stream doing something else.

    Arent you glad you asked =)