Saturday, June 27, 2015

Not a Trick of the Light (6WS)

In the winter, Charlie is a medium long haired grey/white/black leggings cat
In the summer, he is a medium short haired dark brown/medium brown. black leggings cat
I have  no idea why, except that he may have an 'overcoat' of white/grey that replaces the brown.


  1. I think he's a foreign agent..or perhaps his cousin moves in over the winter while he's off in Florida.

  2. Love it. He has his own seasonal fashions. :)

  3. Charlie is a beauty whatever the season. :)

  4. He is that, and its like getting two cats for the price of one
    My husband commented (and you cant really see it here) that he looks like a rorcshach inkblot, if you look at him head on his markings are mirror images on each side...