Friday, May 8, 2015

Day late, as usual

13 ways to start the season

1. find the mower
2. find the book that tells you how to start it
3. find the gas can
4. scour the lawn for last years tools
5. prune apple trees
6. build compost bins
7. move compost
8. mow
9. mulch
10. prune what should have been pruned in March
11. hook up outside hose (yessss!)
12. apologize to the cat for the bath
13. admire

Thursday Thirteen


  1. That sounds like a good day's work, no matter when it occurs!

  2. actually its a week's worth, two projects a day and a start on a third for the next day. I find that way i get two definite things fully done and not string up a long row of almosts and laters...
    lol it also means I can climb out of bed the next morning making without too many of those horrible sounds =)

  3. Quelle Industrialeuse! (Mock French)

  4. mercy mercy mercy monsieur L.

  5. That's as complicated as a five minute walk in Bolton ;)

    We have a tiny lawn and it takes longer to get out the mower than it does to cut the grass. Drives me nuts.

  6. I just leave mine wherever it happens to be when it--and I-- run out of gas simultaneously, and when we both are feeling better I start 'er up right there. Our lawn is what you might call arbitrary, no boundaries, and its all part of what used to be field, so I can make it about any size I like. I was more ambitious Back Then. =(

  7. been doing this almost to the T for a month !!1 hahah

  8. sandyland, love the goat family...and now I shall, laden by guilt, go and mow something. anything. Loan me your goats...

  9. Reads like a poem. Rinse and repeat (every year!).

  10. oh yes. and even now Im thinking, next year I'll do this...and not that...its the gift that never lets go, lol

    (your blog is great fun, colleen, I have to go back to it later, really)

  11. That is a wonderful way to remember what it is you have to do... just make a list.

  12. ahahah making lists is easy. Remembering where they went isn't. Im lucky, though; once i write it down most of it stays with me and I dont need the paper reminder. Drives my husband nuts to find the shopping list on the kitchen table and me just coming home with all the groceries I intended to buy, anyway...=)

  13. Whew! I'm tired just reading that. Good luck getting it all done! My T13