Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Can anyone read here today

Is anyone else having trouble reading here?  Someone just emailed me to say they were having trouble with the RSS feed (of which i know nothing)...and if you can read here, just let me know...


  1. This post showed up but neither of the previous ones!

    1. I just realized, what you may have been seeing is two practice posts I made, to see how things looked before I actually put them out permanently. there may be a big oops in this from me, and an apology for scaring you...

      Sorry. Hangs head. Shuffles away...

  2. No, no, great opp for detective work and to pepper you with questions!since I so rarely have second thoughts, it never crossed my mind that my feeds picked up your testing posts!

  3. well i suspect that anyone who tries out a new post here is vulnerable to any passing reader--the test page works fine but is difficult to get away from...

  4. Huh. I can see it. :)

  5. yep, that post somehow got munged and should have been before today's 13--sigh.