Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Gentle Slap in the Face (6WS)

When you go into a store--thrift shop, used furniture,  etc--and discover that the mixer/serving dishes/utensils you bought as a bride have now been upgraded to "Vintage".

When an old classmate recognizes you and you not only have no idea who he/she is (even when they introduce themselves) and you realize that  he/she thinks you're someone else...even when you introduce yourself back, and they say, "no you're not"--and now you are suddenly in a world of alternate universes

The books you loved as a child are now in the category online of  "collector's items"

Everyone you went to school with, were a bridesmaid for, or you threw baby showers for, is a grandparent.  They are suddenly old.   Too.


  1. I'm in that boat too - and I'm not sure that I am very happy about it! ;)

  2. oh hahah too true...but then consider the alternative!
    Enjoy your day!

  3. OE when your home health aide examines her patient's shaving gear and says oh my grandfather had this kind but I don't know how to use these antique ones!

  4. We ran into one of my daughter's former soccer coaches the other day and discovered that his oldest son is a grandfather. Whoa.

  5. that's funny, and a bit unsettling. I think we tend to think of teachers and coaches as staying the age they were when we left them,
    always a jolt to discover everyone is on the same age track we are...
    My cousins are all gone but their children have grandchildren...yikes