Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day


  1. Happy saint pactricks day to you too. We usually plant potatoes on St Pactricks day, but its too wet this year.

  2. I have heard that song many many times, my uncle plays it on the mandolin, along with many other Irish tunes. The Irish are some of my favorite people.

  3. Consider yourself lucky that "too wet" is the only problem--if I tried potatoes now Id have to dig through four feet of frozen snow and then use blasting powder and possibly a jackhammer to prepare the soil for planting =)

    There was another video I wanted to post but every time I did an unremovable "vote about gun control" ad came along with it (and no it wasnt in Google that way just when it landed here) so I dumped that one and then wrote a cranky email to the people responsible...I mean, enough is enough here

    And you dont have to be Irish to love the music, thats for sure