Monday, February 16, 2015

Just sayin'

-17 degrees Fahrenheit
-27.2  degrees Celsius
245.9  degrees Kelvin
-21.7 degrees Reaumur
442.67 degrees Rankine


  1. stick with Fahrenheit -- it sounds warmer!

  2. only 34 days til spring.... I think. It won't always be this way. Do you want me to call the national guard in to rescue you?

  3. right now Kelvin sounds pretty toasty, too...

    yep, needed to hear that, Harvey. I hope we can find it under all that snow...this morning I looked out the dining room windows and realized that the lawn I look DOWN at in the summer is now a snow field I look across...yikes

  4. -22F this morning here in Barton. Enough, already.

  5. well you have my utter sympathy, Mr. L, and I pass the frozen torch of honor to the winner... and yes enough already a month ago.