Sunday, January 4, 2015

Damage Control

Sometimes you will see a delicate piece of glassware slide off the table and out of reach, and all you can do is watch as, incredibly, it bounces when it hits the floor, and only on the second bounce actually shatters.
And you think, if only I had been there to catch it --although I've always wondered if it wasn't already broken but didn't know it yet, and possibly the damage was  already done, as it shattered in your hands.

There are also times when a friend does the same thing, slides out of his life imperceptibly,  and you work to save him, with nets and love and hands holding his--but he eludes your grasp, and like that glassware, hits the floor a second time, and shatters as thoroughly.

You knew the damage was already there;  saving him would  have been saving something that had broken but not yet shattered, a long time ago


  1. Babe, don't worry about me shattering, I bounce like a ball. You are stuck with me forever.

  2. I dont mind at all, Harvey. I suspect you'll outlive me =)

  3. And sometimes you write something that is so lyrical and complete that there are no comments to make. Just to read again. A few times.

  4. I love the idea of something being already broken but not knowing it yet. Though that smacks of predestination, which I don''t believe in.

    Did you know I would say that? :)

  5. why yes, yes, remarkably I did...eerie, isnt it

    again, think of how many people are surprised when they go to the doctor for a foot thats been bothering them for a few days and he says, ahem, 'we need to get a cast on that, it looks like you managed to shatter the tibulus and the scarpus bone" --so sometimes we are already broken but dont know until someone puts a cast on it...