Saturday, January 3, 2015

By The Side of The Road (6WS)

or sometimes on the other side 

 or over there where the rocks and ledges end, and (small) animals live in (possibly) small caves under the ledges there

if  you choose your morning with a bit of ground fog that rose before the sun did, and you come to a turn in the road...

                     or wait until late afternoon when the sun slides in under the branches

                             and realize that this is what you've been waitng for,  for a very long time
                                        and maybe just maybe  it was worth the wait


  1. Huh. Purty nice terrain, JT. I'm almost jealous. But of course, my side of the mountain's better.

  2. it always is, mr. lavalette. a nice thing to disagree about, too

  3. Looks a lot like my woods. BEAUTIFUL PLACE

  4. thanks, harvey. i see this now the way other people see it, through their eyes. somehow it makes me appreciate it more