Saturday, December 13, 2014

Snow, Rain, Sleet, Snow, Snow, Cold (6WS)

What, no thunderstorms?  No hail?  No gale force winds?   Only one blizzard this month and that was two weeks ago...

Something is terribly wrong, the temps are actually above 0 F. (thats -17C, folks) and I may be able to go outside without fearing for my life, my bone structure, and my dignity.

Maybe tomorrow.  When I can no longer see my reflection in the surface of the driveway


  1. Ooh, that would be difficult weather, especially for me with MS

  2. My Beloved Sandra just whipped us up some frozen Pina Coladas. Might as well be the same inside as out, eh?

  3. i get it, mlissabeth. Ive been inside for way too long, trying to find a window of opportunity to get out without messing up what's left of my bones =) Tomorrow I venture out with a large box of wood ashes as my best friend, in case the hill (yes we have a hill) needs some attention before I go sliding down it sideways...not for the first time...its a strange sensation to watch the trees slide past your windshield, that way =)

    enjoy your drinks, mr. lavalette, have one for me...

  4. Dry ashes work good, damp ashes dont. 5 gallon of dry ashes will go a long ways. I had to crawl to the house on ice once, I got ashes and was able to walk again. Raining here with thunder and 50 degrees.

  5. yep, i have barrels of ashes, some even left over from last year. wood ashes work, wood ashes with too much paper ash don't-- and I found in an emergency a bag of garden lime goes on (you can even use a hand spreader) easy and smooth and isnt so apt to blow in the wind.
    what I like about wood ashes, they take hold right away, and if it snows again, they come back up through.
    we had sun today but around 20 all day. maybe sun tomorrow too. yowza.