Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The New Toy

At the top of each page, just above the post box and to the left, is something called   "next blog>" and when you click on that, you get just that;  a random blog, good or bad,  amazing or terrible; some have been floating unused and abandoned for years, some are new, some will make you jump.  
No way of knowing what will come up next, but if you do find one you like, get the URL or something, because you may never find it again.
Yesterday I spent an hour playing Next Blog.

I think Im hooked on this.  =)


  1. Arrghghgh, you have something to answer for..when I first started my Field and Fen, years ago, I used to play this way just to see what company I was in and used to find I spent a lot of time doing it. And now it's baaaaaacckckck...aieeee.

  2. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

  3. Boud, its like eating cookies. You can eat them all at once or save them to eat all at once later.
    You know you want to.

    Jerry, I surely hope so. And if not, there is Next Blog up there =)

  4. Tried it, didn't like what I saw

  5. well the trick is to keep going. you ll probably never see that one again, its so random. it really isnt the next (and only) blog in line, its basically pulling blogs out of a hat, you never know what you might find...ive probably hit fifty, and maybe two were keepers.