Saturday, October 25, 2014

Care Instructions, Syrup Cold Water Pot (6ws)

whatever it is, be careful with it 
(an unaccompanied warning sheet that was tucked inside a book someone gave me)

As it is made of glass,don't hit it with hard things

Don't put it directly on the fire

Don't clean it with metal brush, hand matters of caustic cleaner

Using sponge and plate cleanser to wash it.


  1. Can you hit it with soft things, then?

  2. hahah don't you just love those silly directions!

  3. lol! Sounds like good advice.

  4. it could almost be taken for rules for living =)

  5. This is one of those delightful "made in China' admonitory warning things; the translations are, I suspect, done by the only person in the office who understands English, and he or she has an "English for beginners' book open on the desk at all times.

    I'm still working out "hand matters of caustic cleaner" which is probably the closest they could come to "do not use brillo pads or scouring powder"...

    much gentler than the instructions on my new hair dryer, which exhort you to teach your children about the dangers of being electrocuted when you use a hair dryer in the tub...

  6. I love these instruction leaflets but mine are never that funny :(