Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Someone is not reading what they are writing

Last week  I received a breathless letter from our bank informing me that my debit card was one of many that had been "compromised" when someone apparently hacked in to the computer system there.  oh, treats.
Now.  This is where it gets really interesting.

My card is apparently compromised.  They are going to send me a new one very very soon.  Until then, my old compromised card is still live, still out there like a dead fish on the dock.  They also state that the old card will remain active until the end of September (excuse me?) at which time it will be rendered inactive.
At that time, once its been wiped from their books and the password is history, they tell me I must then destroy the card so that no one can use it.

If the card is  deactivated, how can anyone use it?  Wouldnt it have been much simpler to just have me change my password?  Now?


  1. So much simpler to tell them you lost your card, have them deactivate it instantly, issue a new one. I did this, really had lost it, and in less than 24 hours had a safe card to use and little bother at all.

  2. I had to have a card change once.. Someone in beirut lebanon hacked it, it was only 5 or 6 dollars, and the credit card company didn't charge me for it. Leaves you feeling kinda helpless though.

  3. Where'd my comment go? I registered it as soon as this post appeared. Ether?

  4. boud, its okay, i dont get your comments in my email on this, and I forgot to check the comment pages to see where they were. Usually its seamless, unless the seamless blogger forgets to check...=)

    it only too me three tries to get the automated machine to accept the card, and three calls to the Real Person Place to get them to explain to me what the automachine needed from me...

    something tells me the people who designed this seekrit through the mails thing was also instrumental in writing the copy for my new hair dryer...obfuscation RULES!