Saturday, September 27, 2014

Six Things I Miss (This Week) (6WS)

1. typewriters in all their clacky glory, including the futzing with the ribbon and Cleaning the Keys day, and using one my dad had (and I still own it), and teaching myself to type with the help of a touch type manual from the 40s...

2. the Social Security Death Index when it was out in public, and I used it to find family, friends, it was a valuable tool for everyone--until put it behind a paywall and changed it around to point not at the info you wanted but the info they thought you wanted

3.  old computer games that were ascii symbols like Hack and NetHack, and floppies with text games ('you are standing in front of a house.  There is a mailbox there."), and box games for your old dos run computer...

4 Christmas cards that had sparkly snow and fuzzy touch-me santas or stand-up scenes-- and the week before Christmas when you got to Dress Up to go shopping in town.

5. The first day of school; a new grade, new shoes,  new clothes.  Getting used to the unfamiliar teacher and her funny voice,  until you  got used to it and then it was okay

6. my mother's barn with the 30 foot long rope swing


  1. 30 feet, eh? What a pendulum. I'd live on it all day long.

  2. pendulum doesnt even come close--and once you got it up to speed it sorta took over, and 'live on it all day long" was about what you did. It took a good half hour of major foot dragging and reverse pumping to slow it down enough to leap off, and if the phone in the house rang, well, to hell with it, let it ring. Funny, I dont miss the house, but I do miss that barn. Always will, I think.

  3. retired, some things should be missed, and some things need to be remembered, I guess. Next week a new batch will probably surface, like big cloudy bubbles on a swamp.

    mlissabeth, definitely nostalgic. Nothing is really forgotten, just buried alive down there...

    Ill be thinking about that swing for awhile now, and that barn, and the way it smelled, and sounded when you walked across the floor...

  4. I liked your list! The Christmas Card one was my a kid I absolutely loved Christmas, and sending and receiving Christmas Cards! I think people are really getting away from that tradition though and it kind of makes me sad! I also remember getting dressed up to go Christmas shopping and looked forward to it! Now with 11 grandkids I wear myself out when I shop for all of them and their parents! Ha!

    Have a Happy Saturday!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. Three days before Christmas was about all the anticipation i could stand, and didnt we pore over that awful local toystore catalog until it was shreds...but it was realer then, and much more magical and the same time...

  6. I bet that swing was a blast!

  7. Tonya, it was indeed. Not for the faint of heart, or the queasy of stomach. If I tried that now Id get as far as the first swing upppp and that would be it. These days, I prefer to walk, rather than ride, I guess.