Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We have been assimilated

It's happened.  Just got The Call from my husband in the grocery store.  He wanted to know if he should get this size or that size of coffee, and I said, get the one that's the better value.  He said, "but..." i said, you're doing the 'how many eggs do we have in the refrigerator' thing.  

He laughed, I laughed,  and I promise, I will never get/use a cell phone just because I can't remember if we need milk or not.  Ever.


  1. I go grocery shopping with My Beloved Sandra all the time. For her, it's shopping; for me, it's pure entertainment. I showed up in the frozen food aisle once with a mop in my head, pushing a cart with about two dozen 12-packs of diet coke, singing Sea Of Love.

    I don't know why she discourages me from accompanying her.

  2. I see you moving one step closer to dismemberment