Thursday, June 5, 2014

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday

As part of the Easement process here,  Moose Mountain Regional Greenways (our  Easement holder) will be sponsoring three or four walks/tours  a year,  wholly staffed and sponsored by them.  Saturday  we had the first.
I can only imagine what the neighbors must have thought, seeing 15+ cars in a long train (this is truly back of beyond countryside) heading up the road...several neighbors got involved too  (great if exhausting way to meet folks),  and off we went, covered in Deet and sporting an amazing assortment of walking sticks, canes, and bits of tree limbs for support.
It was surprising how many botanists, bird people, and flat out nature observant people there were.  We found lady slippers (to my surprise), lotsa skiddy wet leaves, which is the quick way to get down a steep hill, black flies, mosquitoes, ticks. I was at the tail end of things,  and to look ahead and see this conga line of enthusiastic people was both encouraging and funny at the same time.  They pondered the meaning of scratch marks on beech trees (bears was the general consensus),  of linden trees and hop hornbeam;  we admired the mountain view from the edge of our neighbor's field and probably nine gazillion pictures were taken along the way.
I am still a bit wired from it, but pleased and surprised at the turnout.

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