Saturday, June 21, 2014

in case any body was wondering (6WS)

im still here. still breathing.  the solar storms are raging,  there are flutterings of the magnetic poles,  someone is now trying to blame our cool summers here in New England on you-know-what  and Al Gore is beginning to sound uncomfortably like the man carrying the sandwich sign that says "repent of your sins, we are doomed".

however, its a beautiful weekend and i have been enjoying it to full advantage.  Charlie ate a baby turkeylet the other day,  much to the consternation of the baby's mother and me,  and this morning I caught him stalking three full grown hen turkeys, obviously with designs on their ediblity.

this could turn out to be a long expensive summer, lol.

Oh, and happy solstice,  everyone.  It's been a long long wait, hasn't it.


  1. Chilly today anyway, here in The Greens. I had to drive my new rig home from the showroom with the windows up. Ugh.

  2. oh but that means you got to try out the brand new heater. Is it 4 wheel drive? automatic?

  3. Standard. Regular cab. 4 wheel drive. 4 cyl. No frills. Bench seat, no center console. 2speed wipers.

  4. i like the sound of yours better. No fancy stuff, no extended cab. sounds like the only thing it doesnt have is old fashioned running boards. it just ain't a truck without running boards