Monday, May 5, 2014


6 months ago I had blood work done for my yearly physical.  One of the tests, I was informed, might  be expensive, and they didn't think my insurance would  cover it. I said, since this is the reason I'm having the blood work,  I guess I'll just take my chances.

I got a notice about three months ago that Blue Cross had paid part of it, Medicare had paid the rest, and I owed nothing.  Oh GOOD I thought.

Last month I got a bill from the Lab where the bloodwork had been done.  For the full amount.
Sooo I called Blue Cross and the nice lady there spent a good fifteen minutes on the phone with the Lab people, and then said,  you're all set.  They said they didnt get the notice until after the bill went out two weeks ago...(which was also a flaming fib, since the bill was dated two days before I got it)

Last week I got a bill from the Lab, stamped  OVERDUE.

Soooo i called Blue Cross, and we went through the same process.  This time when the girl got back to me she sounded a bit sweaty.  As if she had Had Words with someone Difficult.  She assured me crisply that the bill had been paid and I should be getting No More Bills.  I said, what if they send me one.  There was a pause and she said,  "Ignore it."

I can hardly wait for Round 3.


  1. I went through a similar situation a time or two, and once I explained that I would take legal action against the lab unless they stopped attempting to be paid twice, they desisted.

  2. and since, for a change, i have saved the two bills AND the notice from "this is not a bill" i have a firm if wobbly leg to stand on. Funny though, I wonder how many people actually just pay these things without ever really glancing. "gee, hon, I thought that statement said this had been paid. oh, well. Write a check, will ya"

    Most fraud is based on that kind of assumption. Or the fact that not everyone even glances at the "this is not a bill" statement. Or is a bit fuzzy around the edges about such things...Or, and this has crossed my mind, what an easy way for someone in Billing to take home a few extra dollars, since they have access to the records, the forms, and probably handle the checks as they come in...
    I will, however, be looking for a new place to work with. just to be on the safe side.

  3. I got a bill a few days ago for some test strips I had received in early 2013. At that time I had blue cross blue shield and they paid. I would just refuse to pay except for one thing....... They won't send me any more strips until they get the money. These are strips to check my blood thickness and they are the only co that makes the strips for the tester I use. I'm screwed!!

  4. does seem like they have you over a barrel. Harvey, and they know it

    i wonder if BlueCross would be interested in getting involved, since you once were a customer...