Wednesday, May 28, 2014

C.E. Chaffin 1954-2013

I was searching about the web,  wondering how CE was doing, and this one hit me smack in the face.  It may not mean a lot to many people who read here but anyone who was writing and online in the last 15 years or so may remember Melic Review both as a poetry crit board and as a lovely online poetry magazine, one of the few at that time who would accept work exclusively online.
He was the first online publisher (and only one actually) who ever took my work, and we were friends for several years while Melic was still online.
I shall miss him, and even just the fact of him online.


  1. I thought for sure you already knew about this, JT; thought we'd shared the info--either you telling me or vice versa. I think I found out just around New Years. I thought it was from you. Huh.

    I remember those Melic years. I think it's where I first met you. Tempus Does indeed Fugit, eh?

    I, too, miss the doctor. A very kind man.

  2. We ran into each other, Mr. L, at Speakeasy (and Iowa City is YOUR fault, btw, thank you very much) but yes we did cross paths frequently in those days elsewhere--Melic, Web Del Sol, Gazebo...
    he could be difficult, outspoken, and sometimes way out there, but when it came to poetry and writing he was rarely wrong.

    Bits of Melic are still online, now and then I take a walk through the old issues.

  3. btw, is your email still working? ive sent you a few things over the past year or so, and gotten no response-- I put it down to general hermititis, but one never knows.

  4. Hmmm.... Speakeasy, eh? I'll take your word for it.
    Works as far as I know.