Saturday, April 26, 2014

whoever gave me this, thank you (6WS)

the cough the wheeze 
the sudden sneeze
this cold has brought me to my knees
my head feels like it's fulla bees


  1. Oh shucks, get well quick!

  2. and I now sound exactly like Marcel the Shell

  3. Oh no! That's no fun. Hope your feeling better soon!

  4. Ages since I thought of Marcel! so that cold brought something good in its wake.

  5. Oh, dear -
    Get better soon!!
    Emma :-)

  6. actually most of me feels fine, except for the sneeze and the ringing in me ears--its amazing how much you can get out of doing just by coughing and looking draggly. =)
    But being a generous soul I have decided to share. My husband is still a bit puzzled as to what to do with this cold, but he'll find a way. He's resourceful. (he he he)

    but thank you for your concern. you are all, indeed, chicken soup,. I feel better just for reading.

  7. Boud, i don't know what happened, but neither of your posts showed up in my email go-to box for this, and when I checked the "comments awaiting" page here, two of them were here but only one of them took.
    There seems to be a disconnect between me and thee for some reason.
    In any event, any time you wish to revisit Marcel he's over there >>>>>in the videos list.
    And yes, sometimes getting sick has strange bonuses attached. =) Im glad you found him again.