Sunday, March 23, 2014

Something is wrong, here

We are losing our freedoms, one by one.  When you add them up, it gets scary. I  had intended a long list of these things,  and at the end  realized that as thinking individuals,  you are all aware of all of these, one way or another, with your own opinions as to what constitutes personal freedom(s) and how much it bothers you, affects you, or makes you yawn and turn the page.

After awhile it becomes "natural" to be scoped and groped at an airport, or realize your phone could be quietly monitored, or that somewhere on the net your surfing habits might be raising eyebrows.

And one major thought suddenly drifted by:  When you lose your right to privacy, whether its read mail or net snoops or drones or laws dictating what and when and where you can do what you do--or deny you the right to do it,  for whatever reason,  when you lose that,  you have lost everything.  Your personal freedoms are now becoming fewer and fewer.  Laws and mandates and bans are  being quietly passed that invade your car, your home, your mail.   They tell you  what you can own,  smoke, eat, or read, how to raise your kids,  and how those kids will be treated in school,  to the point of stupidity.

Give us enough pot to smoke, and we won't notice, or care.  Big Brother is alive and well.

Not only that, anyone with a smart phone can take your picture, or a video  of you--any survelillance camera can track you through a store, a hallway, a parking lot.

I'm lucky.  I have lived to hear  what the ending music of a 2,000 year old cutlure sounds like,  but too old to experience what follows, 20 or 30 years down the road.


  1. Nice boat we're in, eh, JT?

    And it's not just pot. Like Mr Lennon said, "..they keep you doped with religion & sex and TV / so you think you're so clever & classless & free..." Free? Hmmm....

    There might indeed be a brave new world just around the corner but, like you, I'm not particularly interested in visiting.

  2. Mr. Lennon was a very perceptive dude.
    The thing that pushed me over the edge was the mandate last week by the EPA to ban all older woodstoves that do not meet modern standards of air pollution. any stove that doesnt have a catalytic converter or is an airtight has to be dismantled or destroyed.
    Several hundred stove refurbishers are now out of business.

    Several thousand people who depend on granny's old stove because they cant afford anything else are now looking at a big investment that they cant afford.

    And there is, somewhere, a consensus that americans drink too much, so we might have to stop that. Prohibition didnt work the first time, I can't see it working any better now.