Thursday, March 13, 2014

Silly season

in my internet travels i am, on occasion, invited to take a survey.  I'm a sucker for these,  and there is one site that actually rewards you over time with point$ that can be converted into $$$$...
Most of the time the questions make sense.  But now and again  someone in the Question Composing category prefers  a bit more specificity in their questions,

"how old are you (a numeric answer, whole numbers only)"  apparently there are people out there who answer with things like "thirty seven and 3/4 as of January 19th"

"gender:  male    female (please select one)"  (what if i cant decide?  what if someone wants  to choose BOTH?) and what about "other", eh?

"zip code:  please be as specific as possible"  Im still working on this one.  How does one answer a zip code question vaguely?  "ohhhh,  somewhere in the 03000s,  you know, east coast..."

And what has to be the looniest question loop of all:
1) Do you work outside the home ?  "No"
2) Do you own a business?  "No."
3) How many employees do you have?  [10, 50,  100, 1000]  "please select one answer"
4) What category does your business fall into? (select one)  and no, 'other' is not an option...

and finally on the next page, "are you a)employed b) looking for work c) retired d) a stay at home spouse"

the minute you select "stay at home spouse"  you are booted to the main gate: "thank you for your time unfortunately..." and out the door.

The best part is the next day when you are asked to take a survey and it turns out to be the one you  took the day before and you are told, firmly, that this survey is now closed...


  1. are these surveys run by retirees from the IRS I wonder bitterly.

  2. I wonder sometimes if the left hand ever notices what the right hand is asking...
    Over time you can make some nice pocket change as long as you're willing to answer stuff and wait patiently. and they really do pay you back. But, oh, the strange questions they ask, that basically force you into contradicting yourself or saying, "Yes! yes! I run a huge company with 1000 employees and we manufactuer rugs..." anything, to get that 50 points =)

  3. Not to mention all the information they are meanwhile gathering (and passing around) on YOU.

  4. there is nothing in there as to addy or name or email that isnt readily available on the net for anyone who wants to hunt, or that I am unwilling to give out.

    These are reputable research firms, and i've never had a problem with anything "coming back to haunt me", so I don't worry too much about it.

    But yes, you're right, in a way. The questions they ask are generally of the "what make is the newest vehicle you own" or "how old is your refrigerator" sort of questions.
    That's pretty personal, lol.

  5. My answers to those questions would probably disqualify me from further questioning, as in: Honda Civic 99, and 26 years old...

  6. youre not far behind me, boud, i have a honda civic 2000--they dont care, they just want to know. =) as they say, there is on right answer. as I say, sometimes there is no right question, and soldier on. As long as i get credit...