Saturday, March 22, 2014

Poem for a Chilly Saturday morning (6WS)

Tree Men

They took the tree down limb by limb
the way doctors took my old friend's leg;
one  cut and then another, and a week later
back to take more until he finally said,
"Enough, take it all",  and they did.

Yesterday I watched the power company
hack away at a tree too close to their lines, 
then cart the pieces to the brush pile
until all that was left was a naked
stub 20 feet  high. Enough, I said.
And when they left at last I went out
with a chain saw
and took the rest down,
sat beside the stump and wept.


  1. That's awfully sad. Spring is in full spate here, even though it is still a little 'fresh'!

  2. I'm hoping for every tree taken down the same folks plant another one!

  3. We lost a lot of trees this winter to many ice storms. There is a lot of cutting to be done.

  4. Thumbs up on this one JT!

  5. Ron., you have very enthusiastic thumbs. Thank you.