Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Frustration thy name is New Operating System

Okay, it was time. I've been running on fumes with XP for about two years,  getting those sniffy little messages saying,  "your computer needs updating..."  sorta like Mom warning you that you 'd better take an umbrella when you go out.  "Ohhhh MO-therrrrr..."

So last week the mister installed Win7 and IE11. Win7 is doable, on the surface.  However,  when you start to delve and sort of force it into a personalized workable critter you realize that it has six tails, two heads,  and the horse you bought  refuses to fit the harness you have.

I am slowly readjusting what I got to what I want,  but I begin to feel like one of those old "Can This Marriage Be Saved" topics in Ladies' Home Journal.


  1. Windows 7 will eventually become more do-able. Windows 8 is still a big problem. I have been using 8 for about a year, and still hate it. I haven't talked to anyone who likes it.

  2. Oh i know, Harvey. I just have to do the whine and fuss and kick the teddybear routine.

    When you sent me Win95 you warned me that it was a totally different way of working, and i spent a solid week just opening doors and opening more doors.
    This is the same process, and yes, it will get better, We chose Win7 because 8 was turning out to be so unworkable, and it will be supported for a good many years yet by MS.

    But I guess the good news is, Win9 is workable, or so I've heard. It does seem that Microsoft has this good dog bad dog approach to their systems. every other one is wonderful, and the rest is slop.

  3. I feel your pain. It takes me about 18 months to learn how to switch on a new phone.

  4. Tilly, I commend you for even HAVING phones that have an on switch. Mine is the kind you stick on the wall and turn on by lifting the reciever.

    We move forward, here, but slowly.