Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bucket List (a work in progress) (6WS)

The possible, the doable if I could get my act together, and the not bloody likely
(and after all, aren't all of us a Work in Progress)

lose that last ten pounds

publish a book

learn to understand if not forgive (sorry Mother, still working on that one)

refuse to give in to Old (surprise me!)

see my oldest friend one more time before one of us dies

Britain, anywhere,  with no strings of return attached

connect with at least one half-sibling before all of them are gone forever

spend my final years living in a hotel (in lieu of an elder hostel)

learn to let go gracefully


  1. An interesting bucket list. I wouldn't mind living in a hotel, so long as there is someone to pay the bill!

  2. Less desire to travel, but the last years in a nice hotel sounds pretty good.

  3. Yes, we all are a work in progress! Thank goodness, and much luck to you with your list!

  4. Hope you get to all of these!

  5. Sounds like a doable list, good luck!

  6. so do I, mlissabeth.

    viv, assisted living and elder care in this country is prohibitive--upwards of 90K a year, or more. And all you see is old, old, old. Modern hotels give you all the amenities of assisted living without the roolz and the close monitoring. And often the price is much lower . I know people who travel on cruise liners, and only touch ground when they sail into a port. If you love to travel, that's the way to go.

    Ron., that's why I said hotel. And that's why I said Britain with no 'pullback" nagging at me. Some people are swallows, I am a tap root. =) Once I get somewhere I want to stay there.

    And it is fun to dream.

  7. Forgive! Forgive, forgive, forgive! I can't urge you strongly enough to work on this single bucket list item.

    First, forgive yourself for your seeming inability to forgive others.

    It will free you. I promise. You will feel so light, so unburdened.

    I forgave myself, finally, for not standing up to those folks who thought it was their mission in life to make my life miserable. That was actually tougher than forgiving them. Once I forgave myself, damn the rest of it was easy as pie.


    Forgive yourself. Then forgive everyone else.

  8. Aren't we, yes indeed, works in progress, have a nice weekend

    Much love...