Monday, March 3, 2014, the rat in the woodpile

I signed up a few days ago,  it was a 7 day free trial subscription,  and then you could unsubscribe if you didnt want to pay for more.

By the end of the first day I was done with what I needed to be doing, and realized Id better get out of this now before I forget.

oh yeah.  Three tries later I was still subscribed,  and everytime i went in to reunsubscribe they said "welcome BACK"  and we were off and running again.  Finally yesterday I found yet another place in there to unsubscribe so i thought, aha, lets try this one.   I got my letter of confirmation,  oh boy,  and i thought i was on my way.

an hour ago I got a survey from the good folks at wanting to know how well they were doing.  I  told them.  Then I realized I was AT the site again, and went to look and sure enough Welcome BACK was all over the screen.

so I am now on the treadmill again, with unsubscribe and welcome back and confirmation letters  which i have yet to see, btw...

I would never ever recommend this place to anyone,  its confusing,  awkward to use, and impossible to get out from under.  If necessary Ill kill this card (its a  'net only" debit card) and start another.

But the good news is,  March 9 we switch the clocks back.  yay.


  1. Oh come on, Judy; you haven't fallen for that old spring-ahead-fall-back scam again, are you?

  2. Oh good, then my car clock will be right again. I can never be bothered to get out the manual and follow the seventeen directions to change it, so I just do the addition or subtraction, whichever way it is at the moment. Same with my house thermostat.

  3. sigh. yes, they get me every year, Ron. I'm just so gullible...however, like boud, i never bother to change the car clock, just do the math for six months.

  4. I don't know what kind of a place you can't escape from. I thought I would try facebook once, when I hit the button to close my account I really thought it was over. Everytime I go into facebook it reactivates it. So I quit checking to see if it was still there.

  5. this is one of those genealogy places that tell you they've found a match for the name you typed in, and if you enroll for your free 7 day trial (but have your credit card handy) we will show you. o boy o boy
    but as you said i have to stop checking to see if im really not there, they keep welcoming me back.

  6. This is a kind of Schroedinger's Cat website!

  7. hahaha yes, the original moebius loop of websites
    im still furious with for putting the SSDI behind a paywall. That should be public information, not private.