Saturday, February 22, 2014

Yes, yes, I Know its late (6WS)

Finally hacked a workable path (don't ask) through the kitchen late last night and realized that I had yet to can any tomatoes this year.  Better do it now, the little voice said.  They won't last foreveah in that freezah... 

I hate that little voice, it's usually right.
 It also means that the tomatoes that have colonized my freezer like stubborn chinmey swallows will be gone, and i can actually use it without having to shoehorn other things in between the frozen tomatoes.

These are Romas,  and should boil down nicely into paste of varying thicknesses and varying amounts.   I know everyone is just  fascinated with this stuff, so I may add a few more process pictures to this post as it changes.

Since I can't locate my food mill, I had to resort to the more basic method of straining, and since roma tomatoes have much tinier seeds than regular tomatoes, straining was a two-part symphony;  one to get the larger bits and the skins removed, and one using a finer meshed strainer.   Now, we boil.  Tomorrow Ill can them.  (I'm sure  the food mill will show up as soon as the last jar has been sealed and labeled...)

surpised myself, 12 jars, all the tops popped, and it only took 36 hours start to finish. =)


  1. Looks like you did a great job!

  2. oh yummy- nothing better than the smell of tomato sauce simmering....I'll be right over! Have a great day!

  3. retired, Im soo sorry i hit the wrong damn button and canceled your post:

    Retired not tired--We canned tomatoes one year. I was pregnant with my son so hubby finished the job. We have never canned tomatoes again nor have we eaten them.

  4. I grow tomatoes yearly, they satisfy the 'challenge me" part of a garden, since they respond amazingly well to the right treatment, OR the wrong one (sad face here)
    and if one grows them then one must deal with them.
    I love making chili, and i use a lot in a year. Why buy when I can grow them?

    I enjoy the process of canning, and with a wood stove its nearly free. and amazingly satisfying to open a cupboard and see all those pints staring back, lol.

  5. I can just hear my mum saying "waste not, want not" :)

  6. I love making fresh tomato sauce.. Enjoy!

  7. Damn. I drooled on the keyboard.

  8. Hoy, where's my comment gone? been sliced and put in the freezer along with the other good stuff?

  9. Boud, there seems to be a disconnect between your blog and mine, and it might be a good idea if you went into the forums to address it: I hate the idea of you not being able to post here all the time.

    I has an idea, though. If you post again, be sure to cut and paste anything you say, until you're sure it's up, or has taken wings and flown away. You can always repost if that happens.


  10. I never thought of freezing and canning later.. Good idea

  11. well i have a freezer and a woodstove. If I had an electric stove I might consider doing it earlier, but even at that tomatoes don't always ripen to suit the weather, and I so do not want to be firing up a stove of any kind in the middle of a september heat wave, for the sake of six pints of something. This way I can batch save and can any time in the winter.

    the only drawback is frozen tomatoes often have a bitter taste when cooked down, and i use maple syrup and herbs to cancel that out a bit.