Tuesday, February 25, 2014

When good shovels lose their grip

All  I know,  I was up on the roof cleaning snow from under the windows;   looked away for a minute, and heard this noise...sort of a scrapey scratchy sound.  I looked around and there was the shovel,  throwing itself off the roof.  Seriously.   The last thing I heard was this muffled voice saying, "ssssnow angel. musssst...makkkke...ssssnow angel..."

And then silence.


  1. Now dat's some plucky oomph!

  2. poor little shovel, all he wanted was to make a snow angel...

  3. Implements taking on a life of their own - that's my kind of tool :)

    And if you were up on the roof...well, that's some serious snow you're getting there!

  4. well, we call it winter, Tilly. =)

    Its not the main (steep) roof but more of an " I can stand up straight without hanging on" type" and attached to the back of the house, meaning if snow will gather, the party's up there. We had about two feet build up (yes, that's a whole lot of snow) and it needed to come down before the (sob) next storm.

    I surely do not want my kitchen roof in the kitchen, if you get my drift. (oh, sorry for that. Its too early for punnnnsss)