Sunday, February 16, 2014

Well I tried but you can only spread blame so far

This morning i noticed a drippy puddle place on the kitchen floor,  and my first thought was, oh my  a pipe has started leaking.  Then I noticed a corresponding drippy place on the ceiling and realized that the snow on the roof in that corner (this is a one story ell attachment on the north side) has been going through a periodic melt freeze melt thing for about three days,  and the ice has backed up under the shingles in that corner.

And THAT means in a little while i will have to go out, shovel my way to the roof (violins and weepy guitars here please),  climb the ladder and shovel off the roof.  (Saxophones of Guilt at this point)  break up the ice dam (by that point damn would be closer)  with my trusty whatever-Im-carrying,  pull down the snow from the main roof (Violins again and a bit of snare drum), shovel THAT off,  break off the huge icicles and try not to step on them  (laughing ha ha ha sound from the trumpet) since they are like marbles underfoot--
All because yesterday and the day before I looked at that mess up there and thought, nahhhh,  its okay.  mea culpa, mea culpa. 

  (To be fair, this is an "after" from last year. why waste film)

Trying to blame the Mister here, but he has his own roof (porch) and this one is my responsibility.  Yes, he coulda said, we need to get those roofs (rooves?) cleaned off, he coulda said, the ice is gonna build up up there, I'll help you, (Saxophones of Guilt again) but he didnt.

 At least its warmer,  the sun is nice.  Yes it is.  And Charlie Underfoot is having a grand time studying the drips as they fall into the coffee cans. plink, plink, plink...


  1. When I read things like this and see pictures like this, I am always relieved to live in a place without snow and ice! Although we miss out on the real winter experience, I just don't know if I could deal with long periods of having to "dig out" of my house! Good luck with everything!

  2. well thank you for the encouragement
    im not sure the winter experience is all its cracked up to be, but it surely looks pretty on post cards. =)

  3. Oh, crap. Now I suppose I'll have to trudge on out & have a look. I was hoping to continue pretending there was no snow up there. Great. Thanks a bunch, JT.

  4. Anytime, sweetness. Glad I could help.
    I got away with that last week, with six inches of snow; this time the water dribbling all over my bookshelf in the kitchen kinda got my attention.

    (big serious announcer voice here "Don't Let This Happen to You")