Saturday, February 15, 2014

In The Distance, A Dog Barks (6WS)

In The Distance, A Dog Barks 

she came out to retrieve the paper
from the porch
saw him drive by, stop;  
watched him watch her
he rolled down his window as if to speak
but no words came out
she never moved
as he slowly drove away;
feeling colder, she went inside
careful to latch the door behind her.
He came by later, the house was dark
the dog had been brought in for the night
there was a new cat sleeping on the porch
the door was a different color--
he knew he'd been away too long


  1. I like the imagery in this poem.

  2. Atmospherics are perfect here, JT, esp the new cat & door color. Kudos.

  3. Me, too, Karen. I could just visualize every word as I was reading this!

  4. Sad but compelling!

  5. Im so pleased. Ive been noodling around with this thing for months, and finally got it where i wanted it (add a comma, take out a comma, --nooo maybe a semicolon) and it seemed to be time to do something public about it.
    Atmospherics. Damn, Mr. L. what a great word.

    And thank you.