Monday, February 17, 2014

How cool is this--text resizing

was just over in the forums fussing about something or other and found someone asking how to make the too-small text larger.  I assume this is a temp fix, but thats all anyone needs, isnt it.  I  have visited blogs that are, at my age, almost unreadable because of either too-large text or way too small.    The solution, and its sooo simple;  hold the cursor over the offending page and hold down the Ctrl key:  slowly, one clicky thing at a time,  rotate the mousewheel either forward or backward.

This works on mine, and on others, as well.   Life just got a tad easier.

If only we could turn the mousewheel  on ourselves  now and then...


  1. Oh, cool. I've been using the old fashioned control and plus for biggering, and control plus minus, if you follow me, for smallering. This is easier, though.

  2. I had forgotten entirely about biggering and smallering, so this was a treat to discover all over again for the first time. Easy to forget how versatile a keyboard is, if you take the time to learn a few extra commands.