Saturday, January 25, 2014

ten suggestions for growing old gracefully (6WS)

1.  I shall not shuffle

2  Exercise, exercise, exercise

3.  I shall not wear green eyeshadow

4.  I will never agree  that 50 is synonymous with Senior anything

5.I will never allow anyone to make me wear a funny  hat

6. I will not go ON about ailments

7.  I will refrain from saying "when I was your age..."

8.  The doctor is not always right

9  What's 'best' for me  may not be 'right' for me.

10.  Turn up the radio and dance


  1. Hard not to shuffle, sometimes.
    Eye shadow was never an option (for me, anyway).
    I'm with you on the Senior 50 thing. AARP has that standard. HA!
    I keep my ailment grumbling to those few minutes in the privacy of my bathroom while I'm taking my giant handful of pills.
    I, too, refrain from saying "When I was your age..." but I have been known to point out, "I have shoes older than you are."
    I don't know about dancing, but definitely Crank It UP!

  2. Shuffling, I agree. When im cruising the aisles with a shopping cart, sometimes I lapse into a shuffly glide and then think, omg, stop that.

    Yeah, you always struck me as more of a muted grey eyeshadow sort...

    I will willingly share, but only in a competitive fashon. The cat hears about the stitches and the pills.

  3. Thanks for this great advice! I will now continue straight to number 10 ;-)

  4. good for you, and as I hurtle across the room i am reminded that we used to do this for three hours straight at dances, no wonder we were skinny...