Saturday, January 18, 2014

"Only if I were starving" foods (6WS)

Feel free to hum along with your own list

1. Asparagus

2. Shell beans (baked, stuffed, scalloped, fried, chili'd)

3. Parsnips

4. Rhubarb (around here commonly called rootbarb)

5. Greens (mustard, dandelion, leafy, kale, collard, chard)

6. Squid

7. Coffee "flavored" anything (with the exception of Starbuck's ice cream)

8. Almond flavored coffee

9. Pea soup

10 Hummus


  1. I can live without most of them, but asparagus? I adore asparagus

  2. I'm behind you 90%, JT; I do like me summa dat asparagus.

  3. Okay; (◕‿◕。) have a nice Saturday

    much love...

  4. Hummus is my granddaughter's favorite lunch.

  5. I'm with you on all of these except the first two--I like asparagus and I love all types of beans!
    I would add raw tomatoes to your list--I can't handle their texture!

  6. Well, parsnips and rhubarb are the only ones I'd only eat at gunpoint. The others show up quite frequently on my table.

    I'd add: any red meat, ew, only if I desperately needed to eat. Popcorn, equally ew, only if I were reduced to fighting the birds for my share. Peanut butter, gah, likewise.

  7. Funny how different we all are. Squid's the only one I'd struggle with :)

  8. Squid? Not so sure, but all else, healthy and yummy!

  9. jo, i agree, its funny the things we cant abide--i can eat (and have) squid but found it rubbery and tasteless--the rest are too strong or the texture is not 'right'. I can understand bookmammal's tomato problem, took me years to be able to just tolerate the smell of the leaves...
    Boud, at least I wont have to share my eww popcorn or my gah peanut butter...