Thursday, January 9, 2014

It does happen

one bit  at a time  (70 days to the first day of spring)


  1. I like your pictures (except for the snowy one) It snowed here last night too, but according to the weather guy the worst is over for now. It did stay a little warmer last night. 70 days sounds good. We have lived through this before. WE WILL SURVIVE!!!!!!

  2. Oh I dunno... I have it on good authority that there's to be no thaw this year; that temps will never again rise much above freezing, and that white is the new green. I guess we'll just hafta get used to it.

  3. well if the GW folks have their way all this cooling (har har cooling they call it) is actually caused by You Know What, and that also expains why my refrigerator runs colder when I bake cookies. =)
    however I shall not give up hope, mr. lavalette. Even if I have to dig through three feet of global warming I know spring is out there somehwere. Yes. It is.