Thursday, January 16, 2014

How Time Flies When You're Not Watching the Clock

This has been two months (and counting) of doctor appointments, referrals,  exams, ultrasound this and xray that.  My calendar for December showed four empty week days.   It looks like January is shaping up much the same, after a slow start.  So far,  every referral has been a dead end , with no followups for Procedures.  Oh, yay.   The last time I had a spell like this was the year my mother died,  all major events--all the kind that those charts tell you are Life Changers and by rights you should come down with beri beri due to stress--this one is more a series of pings and maybes.   So far, so good.

Makes me wish I hadn't made fun of 5 Year Planners. Someone heard me.  She scorns 5 year planners?  We'll show her,  bwahahaha.  


  1. Ah, I hear you! and let's hope all the tests turn out to be baseline only, no further action required!

  2. yes ma'am, me too. so far, so good.

    But on a brighter note the new cat is thriving (14 lbs of fur and whirly paws), and if I can find a free day soon he will be going for the Ride of a Lifetime to the vets...

  3. Ride of a lifetime. That is an understatement. you will like him better, and he will never blame you, he will just notice his priorities have changed. Glad all your tests are good. A couple years ago I felt great then my health just crumbled. I'm back to 95% and feel grateful.

  4. Oh i like him just fine now--he's very polite about such boy things as spraying, less polite about nips and Slippers As Playtoys, and he's the most energtic toy user ive had in years.
    He's a good cat. Just wish I could convince Isabel the alpha male of that.
    I think we all go throughs spells of good health and then awful stuff, and with any luck it evens out just about the time you think its forever.
    My list keeps changing, as one set of events ends a new set appears to take up the slack. it seems to have a life of its own right now and I may be forced to carry a small calendar with me for scheduling.

    That in itself is horrifying. The Gods of Missed Appointments are chuckling...