Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Grisham Redux

In my journeys through John Grisham I find that his writing is much less even than I realized--and while  he is not of the 'brains on the wall" genre,  some of his books do have entirely too many torture scenes (probably the ones with screams in the first chapter are the worst) and those I now close down quietly and put to one side.

Trouble is, once you've encountered this sort of awfulness it makes you cautious about the next book of his you find.   Just finshed "The Broker" which promises gore and grue but, thank allah,  never delivers.  

As my mother in law once said about books like this, "I just read those parts with my eyes closed".  

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  1. That's how I read emails and postings from friends about their latest medical upheavals! much drama, but I sort of keep my eyes almost shut until I get to a part I can read. Alas, with advancing age, there's more and more of this stuff! gah.

    And quite a lot of the "news" is really violence porn.

    Also, you kids get off my front yard!!