Sunday, December 15, 2013

Update on Charlie

He's back..  He's been somewhere Away for at least 3 days,  possibly sleeping under the old barn flooring,  but I had figured him for dead by now.  All the cold, the food in the dishes untouched out there.  I left the kibble.  Then yesterday, at -10 i went out to get wood and heard Charlie, meow meow meow meow squeak squeak.  Sitting in the Tunnel,  yelling his head off.  'where's my FOOD?  I go away for a couple of days,  come back,  and the food is gone and I am HUNGRY"   (typical male, right)
He went through 2 1/2 cans.  I pulled the dishes far enough forward so we were about a foot apart,  and he was just hungry enough and cold enough that he was willing to risk it, to eat.

Coulda grabbed him,  but that is a lot of cat to deal with and I really didn't look forward to a bloodbath at that stage.  I talked, he chewed.

This morning he was back, and it looks like his bed was slept in last night.   Nothing i can do about the cold,  but I can at least shelter him and feed him.


  1. I wonder if he got shut in somewhere on someone else's property. Shed door gets closed,that sort of thing. Glad he's back, anyway.

  2. its a real possibility-- but he may have also tried to go home and found no home there . Sometimes cats decide all that commtion out front is more than their careful psyches can handle, and when the moving van drives away "HEEERE KITTY KITTY KITTY KITTY" does no good at all, because he's asleep or hiding --and two hours later when he comes out, the family is gone.

    and i have seen cats deliberately left behind because the owner had other things going on in their lives and after all "its only a cat"...they have this fantasy that cats can survive bitter cold winters on mice and moles.

    but at the moment he is somewhere in the tunnel sleeping it off, and I am making a new bed for him in the shed attic--not necessarily warmer but sheltered and private. This one will be the condo version, as opposed to the Joe's Motel version he has now, with nosy neighbors.

  3. A trip to the vet will make him stay closer to the house. It has been my experience not to grab a strange cat. They always win.

  4. He went away looking for a passionate female kitty.

  5. In order to get him to the vet one has to grab him. You see the problem. =)

  6. I see. I have a live trap that catches cats really well, but when the vet pulls him out of the trap......don't be there.