Monday, December 30, 2013

Too good to ignore

The first global warming party errr conference,  much touted by people who Knew Things, was in Copenhagen.  There was a blizzard that day.

When they gathered in Washington DC  snow fell on the capitol.

In Cancun there was an historic snowfall during their meetings.

There have been others.  This is their finest hour.

Most of these so-called conferences are nothing more than an excuse to visit posh hotels,  eat themselves silly, and look serious for the camera.  This time, however, even in the face of  the evidence they are surrounded by,  they are insisting that the polar ice caps are melting.  What is interesting this was a voyage to Antarctica during the summer months down there,  when the ice does indeed melt.  Even Antarctica warms a bit.  That way they could point with horror and alarm as arctic creatures suffered in the open water.  And they of course travel first cabin all the way, with enough supplies on board to sustain them for at least a week or two, no doubt.

i can hardly wait for their next conference.



  1. Fox news is not a good source for news.

  2. What planet are you living on?