Saturday, December 28, 2013

One by one the houses go (6ws)

Mother's old house burnt down yesterday.  I grew up there, and mother grew old there.

All the paper says is the fire  was apparently linked to the dryer.

The photos online show a quite different house than the one I recall,  since it has been sold twice and remodeled to the ground.  Not your daddy's chevrolet, nope.

The barn collapsed a few years back,  and the land has been split up, and now the house is gone.

I dont miss the house nearly as much as I miss the barn.

What I do miss is the fact of the house,  the ancientness of it, the history of it.

Tomorrow, perhaps,  or tonight, it will hit me.  Or maybe not at all.   There were a lot of good times there,  and I will always have the remembrance of them.  There were also a lot of difficult times,  and I try to learn by those.

They say when you sell a house,  never go back to see what's happened. I rarely did, since my travels almost never take me that way.  And when I did I understood the meaning of that sentence...

Cate, how appropriate your own six words were this week.

found this from our local paper


  1. It's an odd feeling when something vanishes like that. I've had that happen several times, and couldn't get over feeling that I've been erased in some way!

  2. exactly, boud. a whole chunk is gone. And not only on a personal level. This was a very old house (at least as these things are counted in this country), stretching back to the early 1750s. My folks cared little about that, and set about altering it to suit their own tastes with little regard for what they were destroying.
    And as I said the barn was key for me. magnificent old thing. Id have lived in it if I could. =)