Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Musical Chairs

a week ago I got an e- mail notice about my upcoming dental appt.  January 17, wednesday.  I looked at the calendar and by golly there is no January 17 Wednesday, at least not this next year...soooo I called and she said,  oh im sorry I meant December 18 which IS a Wednesday.  Cool.

Tuesday (the 17th which is a Tuesday) I got a frantic dental receptionist on the line who said, where ARE you , did you forget?  I said no,  my appt. is for tomorrow.  She said, no no it was for today.  Could you make it by 10 today?  

It was snowing like mad, and -7 degrees.  No, I said, I'd never make it in time.  I now have an appointment for (wait for it)........... January 17.


  1. Perhaps she also works for the website that announced an early music event for December 20, which I put into my newsletter to our membership, since a couple of them are in the consort referred to. Whereupon one of them got back to me saying where on earth did you get this? no, we're not playing that day, in fact we did that program two years ago, and it was never in that location! so I issued a correction and vowed never to believe those goops again. I looked later and they'd removed the announcement from their lineup...does your dentist's recep moonlight for them, I wonder.

  2. It does make Going To The Dentist far more entertaining, on a par with Hunt the Slipper or Cripple Mr. Onion =)

    I can hardly wait for the reminder call.

    [thank you, flipper, for that spot on imitation. John would have been pleased.]

  3. That's a Wednesday, right?
    Who's on 1st?

  4. glad we cleared that up, Mr. Lavalette