Thursday, December 12, 2013

Google+ and other assorted surprises-- buyer beware

I was horrified this week to learn that I had somehow joined the happy folks at Google+, simply by clicking on a link somewhere.  Not even sure where.
soooo. I went in this morning to see if I could unsubscribe.  ahahahahaha

Sure I can.       However.   Way down at the bottom it asks if you want to remove your Google+ profile.  "read more" it says.  (drum roll here.  cue the violins)  Under "read more' is an entire page explaining what will and will not happen if you do this. And all of them seem to pertain only to +.  However, at the bottom,  there is a quiet little statement that says 'if you delete your +profile you will effectively be removing yourself from most of the services which Google provides,  including blogs, email,  etc.

Our email server rides on  the G Mail pony.  I use Chrome to access at least 2/3rds of my online stuff.   This is entrapment, and there's not much I can do except try not to touch any  of the pretty flashing buttons over there.


  1. You may have done that clicking on someone else's site, as you attempted to enter a comment. I found that, and refrained from doing ANYTHING. Dangit, if they want my comments, let me just make them, I say. But it was clear that if I'd commented, I'd have been in the ether of no return. Phew.

    It's all a snare and a delusion. And while we're about it, Yahoo is not much better -- they just upgraded their server, probably because of hacking problems, and now proudly announce that you can't get email on your handheld unless it's a very late model. My old Ipod no longer gets my email. Everywhere else on the internet tubes is working just fine. Gah. This was the main reason the Ipod was useful to me, to carry easily for email updating.

  2. i must admit parts of google I like. Chrome for what I do with it is far superior to IE; but i need both. Still havent figured out what to do with Firefox, although my husband uses it for everything.
    We have Gmail but not voluntarily. and Yahoo mail is now identical to Gmail in looks and even the cute messages it sends when you delete the trash and spam. spare me.
    The rest of Yahoo is upgrading also, causing alarm and horror here and there. no one can stir the pot from the bottom than an alarmed Yahoo player. =)

    Google (glancing nervously over my left shoulder) is trying very hard to cash in on the social media thing, but seems to be aimed at the older crowd. If I have to go in there, you're right, don't touch nothing. It might stick.

    I think youre right, I hit a Button to Comment somewhere and found myself smiling back at a + sign. oh oh, I thought. too late. So now i treat is as a facebook thing. Its alive, but I ain't feeding it.

  3. Oh yes, those patronizing little messages -- oh good you finish what you start, when you delete the drafts it put there against my will, and oh you're my hero when you delete spam. What third grader thought these up? next they'll be putting a little gold star on the clean files. Oops, perhaps I shouldn't have said that.


  4. If I go into Yahoo mail and find gold stars all over my mailbox Ill know who to blame

    It was the way they dumped this on us too. they made us all beta testers (surprise for you!) and we woke up one morning to a totally revamped mail box. 5000 posts later they admitted we had been guinea pigs for them. they just KNEW we''d love it. They was wrong...

  5. My heart just leapt down when I beheld a little note in the top right corner of my My Yahoo page, where I follow all kinds of blogs and news and the weather and my mail,and it said"Coming soon! the New My Yahoo!." I couldn't find an opt out button..

  6. Yep. We ve been getting threats like that in Yahoo for ages now. They are also getting ready to axe the "Old Parlor games" --makes its sound like charades and 20 questions, doesn't it?--in favor of the new ones. Not prepared to love that, nossir.
    If that mail package and the nifty new Yahoo symbol is any indication, we may all have to start over with GMail and pogo games...
    Boud, you can't run, you can't hide. Yahoo knows you now.

  7. Google sneaks soooo much, including Chrome, in doesn't it? I upgraded to Google + but I will not add a profile or use Chrome or GMail. Plus disables the Blogger profile and makes it so very hard for people to reply to a comment you leave.

    I joined because I had used all of my FREE picture quota but with Google + picture uploads are not limited.

  8. I upgraded to IE 11 and Yahoo Mail does not support that one yet so the messages do not pull in. The fix is to use the inferior U.K. version of Yahoo to view my e-mail.

  9. We had no choice about Gmail, actually, since our Internet and email connection IS Gmail (i believe they call that bait and switch) and only reluctantly admitted it two years into being our server. I refuse to actually use Gmail as actual email, we use Outlook or Outlook express, and my only contact with Gmail is to delete all the stuff that goes through them first before we see it.
    Its an ugly, awkward interface. I do like Chrome, much as i hate to admit it. The tab and bookmark function is much neater than IE. Its also a snap to switch between the two servers.
    I use Flick'r and they have improved their layout and interface substantially. Its actualluy fun to go there now!

    In the old days running a computer required a great deal of personal involvment (remember XTree and DOS?) and bootand reboot, all the code we had to learn, and the hours long journey through the complexity is not on the internal hands on tinkering, its totally about versions and drivers and compatibility.
    All in all, Id rather deal with DOS and defrag.

    Shoot I didnt even know there WAS an IE 11 yet...