Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cold. Snow. Hope. Fear. Acceptance. Reward. (6WS)

I'm waiting for the Global Warming folks to explain why the Sphinx was covered in snow this week.  I'm sure it has something to do with us breathing.  Im also pretty sure there had to have been a GW conference in Cairo or  somewhere with a nice hotel out there,  to discuss GW once again. Or maybe one of the head GW people just went on vacation there.

Joe Btfsplk, perhaps.
And along with all of that we have Christmas looming, and loom it does.  Wherever I go,  I am assaulted by Rudolph and Holly Jolly as only Burl Ives could do it.  Even at PT the therapist has her boombox loaded with all the awfuls, including these two and Alvin and the Chipmunks.  She's young, she'll learn.

First is hope,  to counter fear, the kind that trickles down your back like sweat on a hot summer day. One inch at a time,  you learn to adjust.  The Solstice is Hope,  The long winter teaches  Acceptance, and Spring is the Reward for getting through the winter.


  1. Enjoyed reading this. Have a blessed day!

  2. Strange how the world is changing!

  3. I know what you mean about being assaulted by the same music over and over. So far this year it hasn't been too bad, but by this time next week I will be fed up with it. It's always the same few songs here.

  4. I hate the winter… the weather is crazy

  5. I can live with the chipmunks, Sleighride, and all of those Holly-Jolly tunes, but I resent my workmates cramming all that bow-down-before-The-True-Saviour nonsense.

  6. I dont mind the traditional carols, I look at them as Music. The modern stuff for the most part is coy, ubiquitous, and sadly unforgettable. It plays through my head like a freight train until well into January. and Burl Ives is creepy.

    But I do agree with you (put down that gun, paw) about the hands'folded solemnity and the fact that you get to listen whether you want to or not.

    Maybe you didnt see it but that link down there in the Christmas post is probably the best version of a Carol Ive ever run into. Bob Seger. Who knew.

    Get your earplugs out, grit your teeth, in barely ten days it will be done.

  7. I love this: The Solstice is Hope, The long winter teaches Acceptance, and Spring is the Reward for getting through the winter.

    The radio played only Christmas songs this morning... I changed the channel hehehe.

    Hugs, don't let it get to you. Spring WILL return to us when all is rested.

  8. Marion, thank you.
    I only listen to channels that keep Christmas to a minimum. As in, none.

    Our stores here (and possibly yours as well) begin putting out the Xmas displays after Haloween, and after Thanksgiving they start pushing the carols at us.

    I dont think they realize most people have learned to tune them out totally, so by and large its a waste of time. The only mood it puts me in is cranky. Bah humbug.

    and yeah, I know Spring is out there, the problem is the snow you need to wade through to get to it. =)