Saturday, November 9, 2013

Things We Have To Leave Behind (6WS)

  sometimes  the forest wins

   or there is no longer a need

    sometimes we outgrow our passions
    or find new ways of working

It can be hard to let go of the familiar

or the cherished

  and childhood is a beginning, often down a cold unfamiliar  road,  not an end in itself

We leave things behind all the time.  Friends,  family, memories,  passions.  I guess the secret is to cherish the memories,  and try not to regret what we can't bring back


  1. Beautiful. Having been born, and having (almost) always lived beside a river, I have always known that flow.
    Great photos to back up the insight, JT.

  2. Thanks, ron.; ive always lived on a high point of land, almost anywhere i've gone. Always wanted to live by a river, they fascinate me. Got to sit by the Iowa River a few times, and always remember the day a hat came down the river. We sat there for the longest time debating over what (if anything) might be under it.

    Took awhile to gather the photos, it seems I've been photographing this essay for years, without really being aware of it.
    When you live on an old old farm, all sorts of things show up in the woods-that-used-to-be-fields, or got left at the edge of the woods forever...

  3. So true, but we always do have our memories, and that's what makes it so perfect.

  4. That's a very poignant post - with plenty of food for thought. Thanks for posting those photos.

  5. Beautiful photos--each one could be a short story prompt.

  6. i think ive had more fun making this than almost any of the others:--
    bookmammal, excellent idea
    see what you or anyone else can do with them, id love to see the results

    one nice thing about photos, they help keep the nearly forgotten memories going, and on a truer path, sometimes, than just "I remember".

    Please note in the last photo, that trail of cats behind us. This seems to have been the story of my life, lol...Always, there seems to be a cat in it somewhere.

  7. INDEED! have a very nice Saturday

    much love...

  8. lovely photos and meaningful words. Enjoy your day!