Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Progress Report--his name is Charlie

Put out a wildlife camera on the porch,  and finally got two good shots of this guy:

aha he's a grey torotoise shell mix, with the appetite of a wolverine.  Trouble is, its getting colder, and by my calculations  canned cat food freezes solid within a half hour at 20 degrees.

He won't come in.  If I appear in the doorway he quietly  jumps off the porch and hides.  Or goes back to his possible home under the barn.

Just keep on keepin on, I guess.


  1. He will calm down, I've been through this before. It just takes time to build up trust on his part

  2. i get that, Harvey. I think he's either just being extremely cautious, or is a naturally occurring outside cat. My main focus is making sure the food isnt frozen when he comes around for it. Put a catnip bag outside for him this afternoon and when he found it, he just sat there and stared at it. you could almost see him thinking, "What. Is. This" and youre right, of course, he needs to learn to trust. I just hope he learns it before the weather gets too cold.

  3. Hm. I see an electrically heated food dish in his future..

  4. bwahahahaha
    not yet. im still laughing