Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Maybe maybe not

he's been hanging around for at least three days,  keeps coming back to the same rock on the wall.  First time I saw him, he was outwaiting the deer and turkeys who swarmed around him  like, um,  a rock in the stream.  Now he sits on That Rock and waits for something edible  to appear .

When I call him he looks over here, a long slow stare.  Not nervous,  just careful.  

put food out for him last night,  dry kibble on the porch.  It looked swirled around a bit but thats all.  Racoons would have eaten most of it ,  flung the rest around, had a fight over the water dish. Probably would have taken the dish home for a souvenir.

We'll see.   It's up to him. 


  1. lynx or bobcat? I hope he don't eat cats!!!

  2. He looks like my dear Annabelle, cat of my heart, feral, found foraging in a dumpster, allowed me to handle and take her home from the vet's rescue room, only human ever to touch her. She and I became such friends. Perhaps this kitty will let you into his life, too.

  3. Harvey, Harvey, Harvey: this is a big old tomcat, fluffy and cold and hungry. Last night I put the porch light on to see if Toby was ready to come in, and he and the Other Cat were on the porch together, Other Cat had his face buried in the food dish. =)

    He's a beauty, Boud. If he's not left in three days, he's moved in. Still being cautious, though. When I put the light on he left. This morning I left a full dish of canned catfood on the porch, let's see what happens.

    Have to be careful, though: I dont want half the racoons in the state squabbling over 4 ounces of cat food.

    We'll see. It is, after all, up to him; and Toby does need a buddy. Isabel is having none of his nonsense...

  4. awww I hope the kitty recognizes that you are a friend!

  5. Kathe, so do I.
    Right now he sees me as a regular food supply (three cans a day and change), and we takes what we can get. I think he's now holed up under where the old barn used to be, there are old woodchuck dens underneath it, and its a good place to hide out.
    Wait and see, I guess. At least he's not hungry.