Saturday, November 23, 2013

He Said, She Said, First part (6WS)

He said

I take nineteen pills every day:
8 in the morning, 6 at lunch,
the rest at bedtime. I have a chart
that also tells me which does what.
These keep me alive and moving,
the others keep me happy but not too happy.
I guess you can call this living
and yeah, it beats the alternatives.

she said

My son's okay, he lets me alone,
drops by every week to visit, buys me
what I need when I can't get out.
He doesn't fuss. I'm still mom.
My daughter, however, has started
watching me, hovering in the shadows.
If I stumble, she frets.
If I forget a name, she gets really quiet.
She's started talking about moving in,
Im talking about moving away.

She said

When Harry died it was pretty quiet around here
for a week or two, then the phone started ringing,
and almost every call was from someone
wanting to take me out, have me for dinner
(and I suspect I was the dessert), or just wanted
to talk dirty.  I was nice, but not interested.

I thought it was funny; my daughter and her husband
were shocked, wanted to call the cops, no less.
I told them I wasn't interested in raising up
a new husband, especially since most of them
just wanted a cook and bedwarmer and nurse,
and I said then, I will not take care of another 
sick old man, thank you very much.  They 
both looked relieved, if dubious.

I never told them about the one I didn't turn down.

He said

I always said that when Skips died, that was 
the last dog  I'd  be having.  He died two 
weeks ago, and I buried him in the back yard 
beside the others;  this morning my daughter 
showed  up at the door with a  half-grown 
mongrel pup, all legs and  the other 
two-thirds ears, all wag and pant.  I looked 
at the dog, and the dog looked back: "Her 
name is Grace," my daughter said.
"You don't play fair," I said, to both of them, and
 my daughter just smiled.  Grace wagged her tail 
and put her paw on my boot.

Damn kids.


  1. Great stuff; all of it, esp 2nd section. Part One, you say?

  2. They are all good, but part three is my favorite. :)

  3. I like the 4th onethe best- I know I will always have a cat!
    The 3rd one would be my second choice!!

  4. @ ron., yep. Part One.
    I think my favorite is the fourth one, I'd love to have a dog named Grace. I actually know someone who does, he said trying to take a picture of her is like trying to shoot bees with a cap pistol lol

    and yea, I can't imagine life without a cat to keep the other cat company =)