Saturday, November 2, 2013

thoughts in a cold new month (6WS)


not-knowing balanced
against the known: how sad to  turn,
find you not there

that shift when the tide
changes places with itself
rolls back up the beach

the sound the wind makes
when it stops; whispery leaves
hang silent again


  1. Very little is more alive than those "how a sound sounds when it stops" moments. Sudden absence, perfectly captured here. Salute!

  2. good write
    I'm trying BLOG HOP at Lunch Break, please stop by and share a link.
    A happy Saturday to you

    much love...

  3. To me, this sounds how I feel. You were able to express it in writing. I love that.

  4. excellent! Enjoy your day.

  5. Perhaps not the happiest thoughts, but beautifully expressed.

  6. One of the choices a poet often makes at some point (and sometimes with every poem) is either to make it 'real' and personal, or make it no less real but far more universal, so that anyone can take it out of the box and wear it. The way Mlissabeth (thank you) did.
    It doesnt have to be 'real' to me to be real to someone else, and that's key. Not what I write but what you feel or see or summon up.

    And yeah, Mr. L, the spaces between the spaces are where the interesting things happen, after all.